The Blue Zones


My subject in the month March will be the Blue Zones. There are 5 different places on earth that have 9 habits in common. One of the habits is for example ‘drinking one glass of red wine a day’. They are famous because of longevity. People living in the Blue Zones easily pass the age of 90 and some of them even the age of 100. In the next month I’ll introduce you to the founder of the Blue Zones – Dan Buettner, write different blogs, share quotes, pictures, videos and with all that I hope to be able to inspire you. Have a wonderful day lovely people. xo Malu


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  1. […] A few years ago I first heard of the Blue Zones. I was reading a Dutch health magazine and I was impressed by the name Blue Zones. The title triggered me because it showed that there were places over the world where people lived the longest. I kept on reading and was very much surprised. Especially because of the fact that someone has traveled the world and found similarities in habits between people – spread all over the world – that lead to longevity (a long individual life). That person was Dan Buettner. […]


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