Founder of the Blue Zones

A few years ago I first heard of the Blue Zones. I was reading a Dutch health magazine and I was impressed by the name Blue Zones. The title triggered me because it showed that there were places over the world where people lived the longest. I kept on reading and was very much surprised. Especially because of the fact that someone has traveled the world and found similarities in habits between people – spread all over the world – that lead to longevity (a long individual life). That person was Dan Buettner.

Via Blue Zones I learned more about Dan. He is an author, adventurer, explorer and he holds 3 Guinness Book of world records in distance cycling. In 2004 the longevity research started. Together with National Geographic, Dan and his team identified the 5 places on earth where people live the longest. They found many ,so-called, ‘Centenarians’ (persons who have reached the age of 100). You’ll learn more in my next blogs.

Dan wrote about his adventures in few books which became New York Times Bestsellers.


In the next few weeks I will tell you much more about the Blue Zones. If you’re interested in following Dan Buettner’s adventures, I can recommend you to follow him on Instagram.

“The calculus of aging offers us two options: We can live a shorter life with more years of disability, or we can live the longest possible life with the fewest bad years. As my centenarian friends showed me, the choice is largely up to us.” – Dan Buettner – 

I’d love to hear what your thoughts are on my first official subject. Please feel free to write a comment below.

Wishing you all a lovely day!



(Pictures: New York Times, Instagram Dan Buettner)


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