Power foodie

While learning about the Blue Zones and the 9 habits that lead to longer lives, I’m slowly trying to get used to the 9 habits myself. A few habits I already made my own a long time ago, but number 5 ‘Eating plants’ is something I find very difficult. I’m totally into meat! Today it’s Wednesday and I’m already succeeding on eating no meat for 4 days. I’m trying to keep up the success until Sunday by reading the Blue Zones Food Guidelines every day. Let’s see how that works out!


Nowadays you can find thousands of food bloggers on Instagram. One of them is Rens Kroes, a Dutchie who lives the happy and healthy life. She’s positive, creative and she knows very well what she’s talking about. Her books are amazing! She already published 3 of them and recently announced that she’ll be publishing her 4th.
In her books (Power Food, Power Food – From Friesland to New York and On the Go) she shares her knowledge, favorite recipes divided over breakfast/lunch/diner/snacks and her own pictures. The books are easy to read and soon available in Dutch and English. One already is available in English!

She prefers to eat mainly plant-based food. When you read her books and try her recipes you’ll find out that a lot is possible without adding any meat.

Her lifestyle is based on a ‘Triangle’: Eating healthy, Relaxation and Exercising. On her website she writes:

”These three pillars make up a ‘triangle’ that applies to everyone. For me, healthy eating plays the starring role. I am a big proponent of unprocessed, whole foods – power food, as I call it. All of my Power Food recipes are based on whole, unprocessed products that are 100% nutritious. In other words, healthy and tasty food that makes your body happy! In addition to nutrition, it’s also important to take other factors into consideration as well – your metabolism, the amount you exercise, your current lifestyle, and your history with food on a mental, emotional and social level, for example. And you also need to consider how sleep, stress, work and your relationships with others affect how you feel. Everything is connected. And every person is different. But in the end, what we all strive for the same goal: finding the right balance that works for you.”


Sometimes I find it hard to read all the Healthy topics because I really don’t know what to believe sometimes. Rens Kroes makes it easier for me to get used to a healthy lifestyle. She explains the effects of the ingredients. It’s also very easy to read. She studied in New York and in the Netherlands she started working at a obesity clinic where she learned about the psychological side of eating. She knows what she’s talking about.

If you would like to learn more about or from Rens, I can recommend you to follow her on Instagram or visit her website. There you can find delicious recipes!

Enjoy a healthy evening everyone!

xo Malu

(Pictures: Website and Instagram Rens Kroes)


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