The Blue Zones books

All the information I shared about the Blue Zones is coming from their website and from the books that Dan Buettner has written.

He wrote three Bestseller books based on the Blue Zones. If you’re interested in reading them, you can buy the books via this link.

#1 The Blue Zones – 9 lessons for living longer

In this book Dan shares the stories about his trips to the 5 Blue Zones. It’s nice to read the stories about the centenarians he met along the way and their healthy habits. In my opinion a must-read..


#2 The Blue Zones Solution

In the Blue Zones Solution you can learn how the people in Sardinia, Okinawa, Loma Linda, Nicoya and Ikaria prepare their food and what their healthy habits are.


#3 Thrive 

Are you looking for a way to live a happy life? And are you inspired by the Blue Zones theory? Then ‘Thrive’ would be a great book to read. It teaches you how to incorporate the powerful characteristics into your daily routine.


Until now I have been reading the first book and I’ll start reading ‘Thrive’ very soon. The first book really inspired me to change my daily habits for a healthier and longer life.

Dan Buettner, thank you for sharing your knowledge and experiences. I hope more people will be inspired in the future.

To my readers: I wish you a wonderful day with loads of laughter and happiness.


xo Malu


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  1. […] new month means a new subject. In May the subject will be ”Thrive Happiness”, based on Dan Buettner’s book. In March I wrote about the Blue Zones, the 5 places on earth where people live the longest. In May […]


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