Blue Zones #7 – Belong

When you read about the Blue Zones and the Power 9 that lead to longer and happier lives, you’ll find out that one of the 9 habits is called ‘Belong‘.

‘Research shows that attending faith-based services a few times a month will add 4-14 years of life expectancy’

Every Blue Zone has it’s own religion. In Loma Linda (California) you can find the Seventh Day Adventists. Apart from their tactics to longevity in regards to food, their daily or weekly habits have a lot to do with their religion.

In 2015 I got to know an Adventist, named Mister J. Laker. He’s a well-known preacher living in the Caribbean on the island Curaçao. Because I’m writing about the Blue Zones and ‘Adventists’ is one of the topics in Dan Buettner’s book, I asked Mister Laker to tell me about his vision and his lifestyle as an Adventist. I compared the facts from the Blue Zones with the ones from Mister Laker and I found out that they’re doing the exact same thing:

Blue Zones book: They find a sanctuary in time
A weekly break from the rigors of daily life, the 24-hour Sabbath provides a time to focus on family, God, camaraderie (a spirit of friendly good-fellowship), and nature. Adventists claim this relieves stress, strengthens social networks, and provides consistent exercise.

  • Mister Laker (Curaçao): To Mister Laker and his family it’s very important to visit the Adventist Church on the island every Saturday, the so called Sabbath. On this day they surround themselves with family and other Adventists. It’s their day of rest to get ready for the new week.

Blue Zones book: They spend time with like-minded friends
Adventists tend to spend lots of time with other Adventists. They find well-being by sharing values and supporting each other’s habits.

  • Mister Laker (Curaçao): To them it’s very important to continuously study the Bible and they believe that God provides joy, health and guides people to their happy life. They surround themselves with people who believe the same.

Blue Zones book: They give something back
Like many faiths, the Seventh-day Adventist church encourages and provides opportunities for its members to volunteer. People find sense of purpose, and stave off depression by focusing on helping others.

  • Mister Laker (Curaçao): The church organizes different events for children, youngsters and elder people within the Church’s community. Mister Laker and his wife are part of the organization and therefore visit the Church more often than once a week. When they raise money on Saturdays, a part of it will be send to ADRA to feed the hungry, give water to the thirsty, and take in the stranger.


I hope you enjoyed reading about the Blue Zones. The next month is almost there so it’s time for a new subject. Stay tuned!

xo Malu


(I found the lovely picture  on wordfromthewell)


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