The Spanish Goat Island, Cabrera

When I think about Mallorca, I also think about Ibiza and Menorca. The three islands that belong together. Recently I read about Cabrera, an island that somehow caught my attention.

The reason why I write about Cabrera is because I think nature and activities are factors that contribute to our happiness. Here’s my top 3 reasons why nature and activities make me happy:

#1: While being in nature I have the time to switch off my daily routine and just enjoy the view;

#2: Activities (e.g: climbing, cycling, diving, hiking, snorkling) make great memories and I always have nice stories to tell + when I’m active it means I’m moving naturally;

#3: The nature has so many things to teach me and it makes me think of the beauty of our world.

How can Cabrera contribute to someone’s happiness?

Cabrera, also called the Goat Island. Why Goat Island? Simply because you can find many goats there. In 1991 Cabrera became a Maritime-Terrestrial National Park. Everything you can find on Cabrera (beaches, the lighthouse of Ensiola, the Cabrera Castle) form a part of the history. The Castle was built in the 14th century on the national port of Cabrera to protect the island from Berber Pirate attacks.

I found out that it has some amazing places to visit:

  • You’re able to watch dolphins jumping along the surface on your way to Cabrera;
  • The lighthouse of Ensiola, a 21-metre-high lighthouse from 1870 located on the south of the island;
  • Another hotspot is Sa Cova Blava (The Blue Cave). You can only reach the cave by sea. In the afternoon you can see some stunning light effects in the sea that are reflecting on the cave’s roof;
  • You’re able to go snorkling and scuba diving in crystal-clear waters;
  • Traditional fishing;
  • Na Picamosques, the highest point of Cabrera is a must-see;
  • On Cabrera you can find different National Parks;
  • The island has about 10 hectares Archaeological sites;
  • And last but not least The Cabrera Museum.

Moving naturally, enjoying a great view and making some fantastic memories should be very easy on this island!


As you can read and see it’s a small and well protected island, but there are many things to see and do. Even when you’re traveling with children!

Are you thinking of visiting Mallorca? Then a boattrip to Cabrera would be nice topic on your bucketlist.


Enjoy a lovely evening everyone!



(Pictures: Pinterest)



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