4 reasons why you should visit Sóller

How does traveling by a very old train and arriving in paradise sound to you?

While I was reading about Mallorca, I found loads of information about Sóller. Also via Social Media and my website I received feedback from other people that Sóller is absolutely a must-see. I found out that you’re able to travel from Palma to Sóller (50 minutes) in a very very very old train; Traveling through the mountains with an amazing view.

I checked the internet for the prices and found out that a combination ticket was 30 euros. But what did a combination ticket mean? It actually was a return ticket Palma-Sóller by train ánd a return ticket Sóller-Port de Sóller by tram. I decided that I wanted to go there. Last Saturday I actually bought the tickets and went to Sóller and Port de Sóller.

Because I found it so amazing, I thought of the 4 reasons why everybody should consider traveling there when they visit Mallorca:

  1. The trip by train is extremely beautiful! Watching the mountains is breathtaking;
  2. Sóller is a very cute village with a market, small local shops, a beautiful cathedral and nice bars;
  3. Taking the old tram is another nice experience;
  4. Port de Sóller is absolutely mindblowing. It’s so beautiful! The blue sea, the beach, the mountains, many restaurants, lovely ice-cream, the little harbour and many palm-trees!

The train and the tram have a winter and summer schedule. When buying the ticket they ask you on what time you’d like to take the train back. This way they can make sure that the trains are not too full. It’s a busy, touristic trip, but I honestly think it’s worth it!



Are you visiting Mallorca soon? I wish you a lovely stay! Please share your experiences with us!

xo Malu


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  1. Viviane

    Sounds wonderful, we enjoy youre blogs!! And when you ever go to Italy I can recommand following; we did a trip with a train(not an old one!) thrue the mountains near Lago Maggiore, we started in Arona. Very beautifull scenery also, we endet in Switserland, Locarno, and returnd to Italy by boat. The mountains and surroundings are always beautifull!

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