What does traveling through Malta cost?

A small, beautiful island in the Mediterranean Sea. An island full of different cultures; Arabian, British, Italian.. A language nobody understands. Beautiful bays and clear water. That’s Malta.
When I summarize it like that it sounds pretty expensive. But in fact, we were very much surprised by the prices. Would you like to know how to travel through Malta on a budget and still be able to see a lot?

Usually I don’t really like shopping or touristic hotspots, but I know that 95% of the world does, so I include everything in my overview.


Just like every other country, Malta has many taxis and buses. You’re able to travel from east to west, north to south and even cross the water by ferry. All for good prices.

  • Buses: Every trip (one way) costs only € 1.50,- Please be aware that these trips take time. Like, 30 minutes minimum. So you need to be patient. Shortcuts by bus are a bit more expensive (€3.00,-).
  • Ferry: a retour ticket Malta-Gozo is only €4.65,- ferry tickets from Valletta to other places nearby cost €1.50,- (single) and €2.80,- (retour).
  • Combi tickets: there are also combo tickets available. Bus, ferry and a hop on – hop off bus ticket included costs around €36.00,- and is valid for a week.

Food & drinks

As I told you in my previous blog I made some mistakes while booking our holiday. I paid money for a half board booking. This means we could eat at night at the hotel. But because we love going out for dinner we spent much more because we ate only once at the hotel. I really don’t know what I was thinking while booking the trip.

Anyways, There’s a loooooooooooooooot of Italian food on Malta and I love it! Pizza, pasta, anti pasti, salads.. Ohmy! So good! And the prices were amazing! We paid less than €10.00,- for every meal. Bottles of wine were all around €14.00,- and a large bottle of still or sparkling water costs €3.00,- A coke is €1.70,- and icecream around €5.00,-

If you ask me. It’s a huge difference compared to, for example, the Netherlands. And now I’m talking about good food, good service and delicious wines! If you prefer MacDonalds, of course you can buy cheaper food than mentioned above..



We stayed in St. Julians, a small town near Valletta. Many language students stay here as well and it’s a very popular place for youngster holidays. So we danced the night away in between 16 year old girls and boys. I had so many flashbacks to the holidays I had with my girlfriends!

The clubs have their happy hours (buy 1, get 1 for free) so it’s already very crowded around 8 pm. You can buy mixed drinks for €2.60,- and cocktails for €4.50,- like woah! Imagine buying this during happy hour! Yes people, I’m talking about two mixed drinks for €2.60,- It’s crazy. But we had fun!










As I said, I don’t like shopping while being on vacation. Simply because I think it’s a waste of time. In every city you can find the same shops, so why would I spend time on seeing the same clothes in different countries? But still, I know many people do like it, so I have been watching the shopping streets and malls for you. In every big city there are many opportunities to buy clothing, perfume, shoes, watches, jewelry etc. Also, you can find every brand in Valletta, the island’s capital city.

Sightseeing and activities

Since Malta is an extremely popular island for tourists you can find people on every corner trying to sell you boat trips, bus tours and extreme sport activities. The boat tours usually go to the near islands Gozo and Comino. The prices defer. If you like to travel cheap, you can go on a large boat with +/- 150 people. This will cost you €20.00,- for a whole day and you’ll have food and drinks included (beer, wine and soda). If you prefer a nice Turkish sailing boat (also food and drinks included) with a little less people, +/- 75, you pay €35.00,-
You can also go by speedboat for €45.00,- or on a private boat which costs you around €300.00,- for 3.5 hours. Please note that you always need to pay a deposit when you rent your private boat, jetski, car, scooter or whatever.

Are you traveling to Malta this year? What are your plans and what would you love to see? Please leave a comment below! I might have some tips to help you.


xo Malu





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    1. Thank you so much! That’s so kind of you. 💕


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