I always thought the world was beautiful

This all might sound a bit depressing and I need to be honest with you. It kind of is. Lately I’ve realized that our world isn’t as beautiful as I always imagined it. Call it naive. Yes, maybe I am. My problem is that Positivity is one of my strengths. I always see the good in every situation, in every person, literraly everything. And now.. I’m kind of lost.

The internet, media, newspapers are full of documentaries with murder, abuse, racism, terrorism and war. I love watching movies and documentaries about the world, ocean life, nature etc. But I noticed that this is not our world nowadays and it hurts.

Giddy Laughter was supposed to be a platform for a Happy Lifestyle, focusing on different cultures. Why? Because I truly believe that we can learn a lot about other cultures. About being happy with almost nothing and not feeling the need to earn loads of money. Our lives will be much longer when we focus on the good. But how can I continue writing about the good stuff when so much negativity has been spread all over the internet, media and in people’s lives?

I would love to make this world a better place, for every country, for all the animals and our beloved nature. I think about this every single day and I wish it was very simple to change it. But it hurts knowing that it is only becoming worse. The countries who have the power only want more power. The countries that have nothing, will remain with nothing.

Ask yourself: what would happen if money would disappear? It’s all about money right? And power?

Don’t get me wrong. My life is pretty good. Actually, really good. But that’s the damn problem! How can I continue living my perfect life, knowing that there are so many people suffering in our world? We all share this world together. Why does there need to be such a big difference between people?

We are all human,
We all share this world,
We all have a heart,
We all need food and water,
We all need our nature,
We all need to sleep,
We all need to be loved.
So can we start sharing now?

With love,



Picture: Jay Mantri Β – Don’t get me wrong. The picture is beautiful! It just suits the foggy blog.


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