5 reasons why I quit using Facebook

Nowadays we live in a world where people can not think of living a day without Social Media. Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat seem to be more important than having a face-to-face conversation. I quit using my personal Facebook. You want to know why?

#1. I love meeting people in real life

Meeting people while traveling the world or when I’m walking in my own hometown makes my life much more interesting than seeing people’s profiles on Facebook. It’s very easy to get a certain impression of someone by just checking their pictures. I don’t like that. People are much more than just one picture. When you’re having a conversation you can listen and observe the other person’s expression. How can you ever get to know someone that well online?

#2. Seeing children with telephones makes me nervous

Children should play outside with each other, build tree houses, get messy, ruin their clothes, learn about nature and to respect everyone and every animal. They won’t learn all this while checking their phones or tablets.

#3. I want to hear from people what’s going on instead of reading it on Facebook

All my loved ones are very important to me. They are part of my life and I try to meet up with them as much as possible. When we meet we find out what’s going on in life and it feels so good to catch up every now and then. I love listening to them and supporting them whenever they need me.

#4. Sending post cards is so much nicer than wishing someone a ‘Happy Birthday’ on their timeline

Oh yes. Do I need to say more?

#5. I’m trying to avoid as much news as possible

Facebook is full of worldwide news. I try to avoid this as much as possible. Of course I do know what’s going on in the world but I select the things I want and not want to read or hear. On Facebook the movies are playing automatically. There’s the possibility to unfollow certain pages, but it takes me forever to unfollow that many pages.


Now you’re maybe wondering: then why are you still using Instagram?
In my opinion you can’t compare Facebook to Instagram. Those platforms are completely different. On Instagram you can choose to have a private profile, you don’t need to become ‘friends’ with everyone. People are posting pictures and videos and put a filter on top of it to make the picture more beautiful. Instagram is full of very creative people who show the world their passion. I love scrolling down the profiles of all the nature photographers, travelers, influencing people, nice quotes and posts from animals in nature.


What are your thoughts on Social Media and how does it influence your life? I’d love to read your opinion!


Xo Malu


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