img_3690Let’s just call my story a typical ”Issue for Woman”. Overthinking, always willing to improve, creative ideas you can’t express. If you’re a woman, you probably know what I’m talking about. If you’re a man, you probably have been a witness, so you also know what I’m talking about. Poor men! Hopefully I’m able to convince you that there’s an outcome for every woman..

I know this because it happened to me, at the beginning of January 2017. I had time to brainstorm and combine all my ideas from the past. Believe me, there were about 25 ideas in my head. The only thing I was sure of was the fact that I wanted to start my own brand. Maybe a cocktail bar, maybe a language course, maybe a Professional Organizing agency. As you can see: many different (!) options. It made me go nuts, and I think my boyfriend too sometimes. Oops!

”It must have been some sort of Love at first sight”

Until January 15th 2017. On this day I experienced something extremely crazy. Such a strong feeling of confidence. It must have been some sort of Love at first sight. My endless overthinking finally came to an end: I knew what my brand would look like! Fi-nal-ly!

I like to inspire, to write, to travel, to meet people, to –always- stay positive, to learn about cultures, to reduce stress, to –always- do things I truly love.. And so on.

Therefore my brand will be a platform; a website full of inspiring blogs, interviews, creative quotes, realistic stories and visual material about the happy moments in life, based on different cultures.

Nowadays we live in a world full of materialism and stress, we always want to have better job titles and salary increases on a yearly base. In my opinion, this is what makes us forget the important things in life.

”Less is more..”

We think that we have it all because we have money, we have nice cars and amazing apartments. But is this really what makes us happy? Is money the only thing that makes us feel complete? I don’t think so! What I have experienced is that people who have less are way more happy and stress-free.

I’d love to travel the world, get to know people from many different cultures and see what we can learn from them. See how they live, how they organize their life and what their happy moments are.

Giddy Laughter is an online platform for a Happy Lifestyle, focusing on different cultures. Creating a positive and loving life full of joy!