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Power foodie

While learning about the Blue Zones and the 9 habits that lead to longer lives, I’m slowly trying to get used to the 9 habits myself. A few habits I already made my own a long time ago, but number 5 ‘Eating plants’ is something I find very difficult. I’m totally into meat! Today it’s Wednesday and I’m already succeeding on eating no meat for 4 days. I’m trying to keep up the success until Sunday by reading the Blue Zones Food Guidelines every day. Let’s see how that works out!

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Founder of the Blue Zones

A few years ago I first heard of the Blue Zones. I was reading a Dutch health magazine and I was impressed by the name Blue Zones. The title triggered me because it showed that there were places over the world where people lived the longest. I kept on reading and was very much surprised. Especially because of the fact that someone has traveled the world and found similarities in habits between people – spread all over the world – that lead to longevity (a long individual life). That person was Dan Buettner.

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Living the life you love

Saya is a friend I wish everyone could meet. Not only because she has a great personality and she’s extremely enthusiastic, but also because she is the best listener I’ve ever met in my life. She’s that one person who is fully interested in you, your life and your goals. I met her a few years ago. We’re both a big fan of dancing so we got to know each other during the dance classes in our hometown. In all those years she has been a great inspiration for me. She does what she loves, all the time! A few weeks ago she made the decision to quit her job. Not that she didn’t like it, but now she has all the time in the world to follow her heart and spend time on her own business, Saya Coaching Training & Advies.

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