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What does traveling through Malta cost?

A small, beautiful island in the Mediterranean Sea. An island full of different cultures; Arabian, British, Italian.. A language nobody understands. Beautiful bays and clear water. That’s Malta.
When I summarize it like that it sounds pretty expensive. But in fact, we were very much surprised by the prices. Would you like to know how to travel through Malta on a budget and still be able to see a lot?

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Spring time in MallorcaΒ 

The people in Mallorca seem to be happy it’s Spring time. After school or work they visit one of the many beaches to enjoy the sun, play volleyball & drink some alcohol. They often stay until sundown. Living outside, soaking up the sun & relaxing your mind by watching the ocean, sounds pretty good to me. Of course this is not realistic for people living far away from the ocean, but I’m sure in every part of the world there is a park, lake, mountain or river that gives you the opportunity to get your mind off of your daily life. Get outside and enjoy the beauty of our world 🌎 β€’ xo, Malu

Question 6

Question 6

In my previous article I wrote about the 9 habits in the Blue Zones; the 5 places on earth where people live the longest. People easily live 90 years and some live even over 100! The so-called ‘centenarians’.

Last Sunday I started living as a Vegan for one week. What are your healthy habits? Please share!

xo Malu