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The 5 Blue Zones

Now we know what the 9 habits are to living longer lives, it’s time to get to know the 5 places where the habits actually were discovered by Dan Buettner and his team. They called it the Blue Zones. In Dan’s book ‘9 lessons for living longer’ he summarized the lessons from every zone: Sardinia (Italy), Okinawa (Japan), Loma Linda (California), Nicoya (Costa Rica) and Ikaria (Greece).

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The 9 habits that lead to longer and happier lives

Last Wednesday I started the month March with the subject Blue Zones; the five regions on earth where people live long, healthy and happy lives. The founder, Dan Buettner, has traveled all over the world to learn about longevity (a long individual life). Those five places have a few habits in common, the so called “Power 9”:

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Founder of the Blue Zones

A few years ago I first heard of the Blue Zones. I was reading a Dutch health magazine and I was impressed by the name Blue Zones. The title triggered me because it showed that there were places over the world where people lived the longest. I kept on reading and was very much surprised. Especially because of the fact that someone has traveled the world and found similarities in habits between people – spread all over the world – that lead to longevity (a long individual life). That person was Dan Buettner.

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