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Images of Cuba

When you visit Cuba you’ll find out that there’s a lot to see. Especially things we’re not really used to, e.g.: people riding horses everywhere you go, men selling fruit next to the road, men and women dancing in the middle of the city centre on a afternoon, old timers, buses full with too many people and so on.

Today I’m sharing pictures that I took in 2009 and 2013. I can’t believe time is passing by so fast!

xo Malu


What does traveling through Malta cost?

A small, beautiful island in the Mediterranean Sea. An island full of different cultures; Arabian, British, Italian.. A language nobody understands. Beautiful bays and clear water. That’s Malta.
When I summarize it like that it sounds pretty expensive. But in fact, we were very much surprised by the prices. Would you like to know how to travel through Malta on a budget and still be able to see a lot?

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The travel mistakes I made this holiday

Dreaming about a country, arranging your days off at work, finding the right flight and apartment(s).. It all sounds so good to me! I often call holidays freedom. I love the feeling of being in an airplane, being in a different country, meeting different people and learning from their culture. I have traveled a lot already. Even though I’m still very young, traveling has been my hobby since I was 15 years old. And still, this holiday I made some huge mistakes! Especially when it comes down to… money.

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Palma city

What an amazing city.. especially the Old Town is my favorite! You can directly recognize the touristic places. The places where many people are walking around and where street artists are performing. Usually I try to avoid these places because I like to discover the places where the locals go, but I really needed to share this picture with you. I think this building is just beautiful.

Enjoy a wonderful Friday everyone. Don’t forget to spend the time on things you like and people you truly love.

Xo, Malu

Founder of the Blue Zones

A few years ago I first heard of the Blue Zones. I was reading a Dutch health magazine and I was impressed by the name Blue Zones. The title triggered me because it showed that there were places over the world where people lived the longest. I kept on reading and was very much surprised. Especially because of the fact that someone has traveled the world and found similarities in habits between people – spread all over the world – that lead to longevity (a long individual life). That person was Dan Buettner.

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